Spring Flavors at LCC

Welcoming spring, the Lynnwood Convention Center's Spring Fresh Sheet encompasses elements of the season with ingredients such as basil, asparagus and bell peppers. 

The menu, designed by Chef Michael Felsenstein, presents guests four new seasonal entrees as well as many Spring inspired appetizers, side dishes and desserts. 

Begin your dinner with a refreshing salad topped with English peas, red onions, toasted walnuts and a garlic-mint vinaigrette. Next, indulge in basil and lemon roasted salmon accompanied by fingerling potatoes, artichoke and bell pepper hash and a red pepper butter sauce. Conclude the meal with strawberry tiramisu and listen to your guests rave about how delicious the meal you selected was.

Check out the entire Spring Fresh Sheet for more delicious, seasonal options and make your event the one everyone's talking about.